Set Up the Insightech Chrome Extension

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Insightech has a Chrome Extension for streamlined access to key analytics report features from within your browser.

Below is a set up procedure about the extension's capabilities so you can directly optimise your website.

Step 1 - Chrome Extension Set-Up

  1. Navigate to the Chrome Web Store and search for the Insightech Chrome Extension

  1. Download the extension into your browser.

Note: This extension is only accessible for existing platform users on a chrome-based browser.

Once this is complete, you have access to the Insightech Chrome Extension

Step 2 - Extension Features and Capabilities

Note: To overlay features on a particular website, the domain name needs to be placed in the Insightech UI interface.

  1. Navigate to the website you would like to analyse
  2. Right-Click Inspect  → Scroll to Insightech to access the Chrome Developer Console. Alternatively, you can click F12 to access the Chrome Developer Console
  1. Login to the Chrome Extension with your Insightech account once the overlay appears

Note: It is recommended to place the Developer Console on the right side of your browser

You now have access to the Insightech Chrome Extension. A seperate UI interface with key metric reports:

  • Inspect Element Mode - CSS Selector, Mouse Tracking
  • Click Map Reports - Revenue and Conversion Data, Visual Form Analysis
  • Scrolling Heat Maps - Content Analysis, Pageview Tracking

Additionally, all Segment and Filter data found within Insightech UI is now accessible in the Chrome Extension

The Result

You have streamlined access to Insightech tools directly from their browser with the Insightech extension. You can improve website optimisation and content analysis for your website to enhance the experience for your customers

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