Funnel Folders

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Funnel folders enable you to organise any funnel into helpful categories and quick access for your wider team members.

  • Funnels enable you to save up to a potential 100 funnels
  • Each funnel folder can hold up to 10 funnels each

Click here to learn more about the different types of funnels you can create and how to create a funnel

How to set up Funnel Folders

Note - You will need access to edit funnels in order to assign a created funnel into a folder
  1. Select a funnel in edit mode.
    1. The funnel folder can be accessed on the top-left of the funnel builder.
    2. All funnels are assigned to ‘General’ by default
  1. Click the drop down for funnel folders to see existing folders or to create a new one 
    1. Name your folder and click Create
    2. Assign a funel to any pre-existing funnel folders
    Note - You will need to navigate into another funnel to assign it a a newly created funnel folder
  1. Click Save to save your changes.

All of the funnel folders can be readily accessed in the funnels section:

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