What are Conversion Funnels?

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A funnel is a visual representation of the journey you expect users to take so they can convert into customers on your website. By setting up a funnel, you can view where customers are stuck so you can improve their web-experience to drive more revenue.

With Insightech, a conversion funnel can be made with historical data and be set up using any event or user behaviour on the website.

From there, you can identify exactly where users drop off, and use our session replay tool to visualise the users experience.

How can Funnels be used?

Conversion funnels can be used to:

  • Determine conversion rates and identify where users are dropping off
  • Understand 'why' - uncover issues at stages in your acquisition flow that cause users to drop off
  • Pick up on technical errors where users may get stuck on your funnel flow (e.g. clicking “Pay Now” but not reaching the confirmation page)

Segments and filters can be overlayed to understand if certain audiences are experiencing greater drop-offs than others at the different steps in your funnel, which helps you understand where to focus your efforts. 

Accessing Funnel Reports

  1. Navigate to the Funnel tab on the left panel from your dashboard

  1. Select View Funnel for an analytics breakdown of each stage of your customer’s journey. This includes, 
    1. Total Sessions 
    2. Customer Drop-Offs 
    3. Conversion Rate 
    4. Open/Closed Funnel

  1. Click on View Sessions to see replays that correspond with users who have reached a specified stage of your funnel.

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