What are Insightech Page Analysis Reports?

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Page Analysis Reports help you understand the top pages tracked across your website, and which of those pages have the highest and lowest engagement rates for any audience you want to look at.

This list of top pages also provides an easy way to click through to an individual page and to bring up click-map reports.

  1. Click on the Page Analysis Menu. You will be prompted to choose a URL (optional) and a device type to filter your search

  1. If left blank, Insightech will redirect you to a list of URLs on your website, ranked by pageviews. However, you can click the other columns to sort by other engagement metrics.

Note - The device type that you will choose will change the data that is overlayed onto your website and session replays.

Applying Segments to Find Users/Sessions

Across all Insightech reports, you can apply segments and filters to identify the specific audience you want to analyse.

Applying these to your Page List report, it will show you every page that a particular audience saw within their sessions.

See articles on Segments Explained for more info

Filter Page List for Specific Pages

To filter your list of pages to show specific pages, simply type in a unique part of the page URL that you want to search for within the search bar (above the page list).

Once you type this in, your pages list will filter out all pages and only include the pages that match what you have typed in.

This is an easy way to find specific pages in the pages list.

Understanding Page Engagement Metrics

Here is a quick explanation of the engagement metrics within the Page Analysis / Top Pages report.

  • Page Views - How many times this page has been loaded
  • Click Rate - The percentage of pageviews that had at least one click
  • Median Scroll Depth - The median percentage of content scrolled and viewed
  • Median Duration - The median time spent on this page from start to finish

Note: Duration is an accurate measure of time on page, as Insightech measures from the very start to the very end of every page loaded across your website.

Clicking Through to Click Map Reports

By clicking View Analytics, you will be take through to one example replay (picked by the Insightech platform) where you can overlay visual reports like click-maps, scrolling heat-maps, and form analysis.

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