Insightech Dashboards

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The Insightech dashboard enables you to analyse the performance of your overall website, or for key audiences that have visited your website.

Use the dashboard to:

  • Monitor high-level metrics and the performance of your website
  • Compare different date ranges
  • Compare the impact of features and audiences

Insightech's interactive dashboard also allows you to click and filter the dashboard around key data points.

Monitor your Website Performance

The dashboard enables you to measure the performance stats for your entire website.

This includes:

  • Website Traffic
  • Conversion Rates
  • Revenue
  • Key device and session breakdowns

Monitor for any unusual changes in traffic or conversion rates, to know when to dive deeper.

Use these metrics as a benchmark to compare with specific audiences, or new features that you release.

Compare Date Ranges

Use date comparisons on your dashboard to analyse how performance has changed after a major website update, campaign launch, or new feature release.

How to compare date ranges:

  1. Click Click Dashboard → Date Range → Compare
  2. Select the date ranges for your base date-range and your comparison date-range
  3. Click Apply to see updated data compared between your two date ranges.

You can now view which metrics have improved and analyse any trends in your website’s performance overtime.

Compare Features/Audiences

Apply segments or filters to measure the performance of any audience or feature that you have launched.

You can compare these numbers with your overall website performance to see how much more likely a particular audience, or feature makes users convert.

Here are some examples:

  1. Measuring a Feature that you have launched
    Applying a segment for users who interact with a feature we have launched, we can see exactly how many users interact, but also the likelihood that they convert once they interact.
    Example Segment:
  1. Measuring an AB test or Content Loaded
    Measure when content has loaded including AB tests, or any dynamic content/banners/pop-ups that may load for users. See how often they occur, and the positive/negative impact on conversions.
    Example Segment:
  2. Measuring a specific audience
    Apply any audience segment to understand if channels, device types, or even specific on-site behaviours increase/decrease conversion rates.
    Example Segment:

Interactive Dashboards

Click on key data points in your dashboard, to apply a filter to your whole dashboard. Clicking on the filter icon next to your data point (example shown below) lets you do this.

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