Implement Your Tracking Code

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To setup your Insightech account, you need to implement your tracking code. Once you have done this, your data will be available in your account within seconds provided that you have users on your website.

Implementing the tracking code onto your website is quick and easy. Follow the steps below to get data streaming on your website:

How to Implement your Tracking Code

  1. Navigate to Settings Tracking Code. The tracking code, tag manager options and advanced tracking settings will be displayed

  1. Decide how to implement your tracking code into your website. This can be through:
    1. On-page Javascript
    2. Google Tag Manager (Recommended approach)

  1. Copy and paste the tracking code into your Tag Manager, or the header tag of your website (as high up as possible)

Please Note - Do not have more than one Insightech tag across your website or you may experience issues. (E.g. You may accidentally implement a tag in GTM and another directly in the page's HTML).

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