Cross-Domain Tracking & Payment Portals

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Why do I need to setup Cross-Domain tracking?

Cross-domain tracking is required when tracking users across multiple domains, including 3rd party portals and payment gateways.

Setting this up in your platform allows user sessions to be stitched together as a single session across these environments.

Note: Insightech will not track user behaviours across 3rd party platforms that do not have your tracking code implemented on them. However cross-domain tracking will still stitch journeys together as a single session when users navigate to these 3rd party platforms and back.

Example: When users navigate to a 3rd party payment portal (E.g. Zip, Paypal, Afterpay), including these domains in your cross-domain tracking will recognise that these journeys, and any subsequent pages visited (e.g. order confirmation pages) are part of the same session.

When do I need to setup Cross-Domain tracking?

You will need to setup cross-domain tracking for any domains that you want to treat as the same website.

This includes:

  • 3rd-Party Payment Portals (E.g. Paypal, Afterpay, Zip, etc)
  • External blogs, or voucher or affiliate websites
  • Multiple countries (e.g.,,

This Excludes Subdomains
Subdomains are automatically tracked by Insightech and do not need cross-domain tracking to be setup

Cross Domain Tracking Set Up

  1. Navigate to Settings Profile on the platform

  1. Add each website URL (each to a new line) in the domain tab
  2. Click to save your settings

Once this is done, Insightech will apply these rules to your data, and automatically update journeys to reflect their behaviours across all domains in your list.

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