Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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This article contains answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. Click below for in-depth answers to specific topic areas:

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Does Insightech impact on site-speed, page performance or the online customer experience?
The impact of our tracking code is extremely low, and the capabilities that Insightech provides becomes valuable to be able to draw key insights and optimise your website's online customer experience.

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Who are the primary users of the platform
Optimisation and Ecommerce managers are typically the primary users of the platform. Though, anyone who owns the metric of improving acquisitions through your website would be an ideal fit.

Is Insightech GDPR Compliant?
Yes, Insightech is GDPR compliant and this data processing agreement can be accessed readily.

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Does data from different device types show up on Insightech?
Yes, the data is reflected on Insightech will enable you to filter according to different device types, browser and traffic medium. The only element that is not captured on mobile is the hovering action.

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How does form analysis work and what does this show?
Form analysis enables you to understand how customers interact with form fields. This include where and why they drop off. You can drill down to the replays of drop-off experience to understand why the field causes drop-offs, and quantify the issues found.

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How does customer issue recreation work on Insightech?
With Insightech, you will be able to replay the user experience through session replays and identify the customer based on customer ID, IP address, and other information to determine the issue they have experienced.

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How far does Insightech data go back?
With the Insightech UI, you can access reports, segment data and view session replay site data for up to three months before it becomes unavailable for use. Contact us for more info on options for storing your website's data

Contact us for more information on options for storing your website data

Can Insightech track iFrame content? (e.g a chat widget)

Unfortunately, Browsers restrict access to iFrames, therefore the tracking code is not able to track information inside IFrames. In replay, IFrames will be shown as a blank grey box if they are visible and non-transparent.

What are the impacts of third party cookies on the platform?
Insightech uses first party cookies to track anonymous visitors across sessions therefore there is no impact on your website based on third party cookies

What are Insightech's currently supported browsers?
Insightech's currently supports chromium based browsers (Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge etc.). To download the Insightech Chrome Extension, you would need to download the application from the Chrome Web Store.

Click here for set-up instructions for the Insightech Chrome Extension

With Insightech, you are able to derive key insights and understand the behaviour of customers to further optimise your website. Contact us for answers to specific or technical questions that require in-depth explanations.

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