Setup API Error Tracking

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Insightech tracks API errors across your website allowing you to analyse points of friction that users experience due to API issues.

To Setup API Error Tracking:
  1. Navigate to Settings → Tracking Code
  2. Toggle API Error Tracking [On]
  3. List the API endpoints (urls - one per line) that your website calls, which you want tracked. These can be:
    1. API Endpoints without payload - This is recommended in most cases to avoid any sensitive information being captured. All other API error information will be captured.
    2. API Endpoints with the payload - This can be used in cases where the payload need to be tracked, in addition to the API error status and information
  1. Click Save Settings

Once saved, Insightech will begin tracking your API errors from your listed endpoints and you will be able to view, filter and search for sessions that contain API errors across your website.

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API Error Tracking and Insightech