Find and Analyse Dynamic Content

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Dynamic content is a web element that is continually changing, and therefore has a unique URL on each visit to your website. This can make it difficult to track clicks, hovers and interactions across your website.

With Insightech, you can use our Page Analysis Tool and Free Text Search to navigate through dynamic content to find meaningful insights on your website.

Analysing Dynamic Content

  1. Add a unique URL parameter to the end of your website URL
    1. Standard URL:
    2. Standard URL with Unique Parameter:
  1. Scroll through the dynamic content that you are trying to analyse
  2. Click Dashboard → Page Analysis on the Insightech platform
  1. Input the unique URL parameter into the field to search for the corresponding session replay
  1. Click Session → Analysis to overlay different tools like Click Map Reports, Scrolling Heat Maps and Form Analysis Tools

With Insightech, you are able to analyse the dynamic content that exists on your website with these tools.

This aggregate data overlay will differentiate based on the dynamic content, as you can easily identify the elements, buttons and interactions that drive conversions on your website.

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