Set Up Your Conversion Funnel

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Below is a basic guide for how to set up a conversion funnels. Click here if you would like to learn more about conversion funnels.

Defining Funnel Steps

When creating a conversion funnel, each stage of your customer journey needs to be clearly defined in Insightech so that user behaviour is tracked. This ensures that data generated from your funnel is accurate.

How to Set Up a Conversion Funnel

  1. Navigate to Funnels → Add New Funnel from the Insightech Dashboard
  2. Name the conversion funnel
  3. Input the name and filter for the first step of a customer’s journey. The filter is the necessary action that a user needs to complete before conversion.
  4. Choose from the multiple drop down menus for different filters to specify how Insightech captures funnel data for user behaviour.
For Example - (Typical Step 1 & 2 of a Funnel)

Step 1 


Page URL


Step 2


Page URL



  1. Repeat this process to create numerous events for your funnel. Each one should correspond to the next consecutive component of your customer’s journey
    1. The last is the point of conversion, e.g. a purchase, a successfully submitted “contact sales” form, or an account registration.
  2. Click Submit and Insightech will create a completed conversion funnel

Rearranging Funnel Steps

You can rearrange the different steps of your conversion funnel by clicking

This should make it easier for you to alter your funnel or correct any funnel mistakes quickly.

Note - We recommend to keep the first step and the last step (conversion point) of your funnel specific and unchanged unless necessary

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