Funnels are an extremely useful feature that you can use to optimise smaller interactions on your website, which are sometimes called micro-conversions. While these funnels may only have just a few steps, they can be helpful to understand interaction rates across several website activities.

These activities include: 

  • Member Logins 
  • LiveChat Starts
  • Form Submissions
  • Newsletter Sign-Up
  • Click to call

Tracking Newsletter Sign-Up with Funnel Analysis

  1. Navigate to Funnels → Add New Funnel from the Insightech Dashboard

  2. Name the Conversion Funne→ (Newsletter Sign-Up - Insightech)

  3. Input the name and filter for the first step in this customer journey. The filter is the necessary action that a user needs to complete before conversion. 
    • For this Example, this would be a customer entering into the homepage of our website.

      Step 1VisitedPage

  4. Identify the Conversion Point
    • For this Example, the Conversion Point is when a user clicks a button, link or element that makes them a recipient of your newsletter

    • Note: The Conversion Point changes depending on the interaction you are tracking.
  5. Add the name and filter for the Conversion Point in this customer journey.
    • For this Example, this would be when our website has a text dialog pop-up - “You are now apart of our newsletter community”

      Step 2Content Element LoadedTextContains"You are now apart of newsletter community"

    • Note: The Conversion Point changes depending on the interaction you are tracking.
      • For this example, this would change the Conversion Point to be when the CSS selector that represents the text dialog pop-up appears

    • CSS Example Below. Click here for more info on CSS selectors and Insightech data capture

      Step 2
      Content ElementCSS SelectorContainsXXX

  6. Click Submit and Insightech will create a completed conversion funnel

The Result

With this funnel, you can analyse how many users interact with your newsletter form:

  1. If you would like more Newsletter Sign-Ups, this could mean making this element more visible on your website.

  2. If there are no Newsletter Sign-Ups, this could indicate a broken button, link or element for your newsletter form.

  3. If specific types of content are being prioritised, this could involve rearranging content elements like your newsletter form

Every change to your website can impact interactions for your content elements. So, the Insightech Funnel Analysis becomes an extremely useful tool to understand interaction rates website activities.