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This article looks at how to set-up a conversion point on the Insightech platform to enable revenue details on click-map reports. Click-Map reports allows you to view how users behave on your website through their clicks on various website elements. This new Insightech update allows you to view on how these interactions with these website features impact a specified conversion point and revenue subsequently.

Below are step-by-step instructions in order to enable these platform features on your Insightech account. 

Step 1 - Conversion Point Configuration

Navigate to Settings → ConversionFrom here, a drop-down menu will be displayed where you can decide on the conversion point for your funnel based on various event attributes. 

The conversion point can be any event/action leveraging the Insightech data.

  • Visited (Anything, Page URL, Page Path, Page Duration, Domain, Pages in Session)
  • Clicked (Anything, Text, CSS Selector)
  • Hovered (Anything, CSS Selector)
  • Page Scrolled (Anything, Pixel, %)
  • Field Value Changed (Anything, Form Name, CSS Selector, Field Name, Input Value, Selected)
  • Field Focus (Anything, CSS Selector, Field Name)
  • Field Blur (Anything, CSS Selector, Field Name)
  • Field Submitted (Anything, Form Name, CSS Selector, Field Name, Input Value, Selected) 
  • Content Element Loaded (Anything, CSS Selector, Content Text)
  • Data Layer Event (Anything, JSON Path)

Step 2 (Optional) - Set up your Conversion Revenue Value

To setup Revenue Values in your reports, your conversion event needs to be Content Element Loaded or Data Layer Event, where a revenue value is present.


  1. Only a single conversion point can be chosen based on a single event
  2. The specified conversion point needs to be a numerical value in order for revenue reports to be included
  3. Extracting dataLayer values from the JSON path requires datalayer path for the revenue value to be listed


  1. Setup your event
  2. Click Checkbox 'Extract element text as conversion revenue' OR 'Extract data layer value from JSON path
  3. Put in Datalayer path of revenue value

Content Loaded Example

Data Layer Example

Step 3 - Enable the Conversion Feature

Once the conversion event, and any revenue values have been setup, all you need to do is to click the toggle to Enable the conversion feature.

Click Save, and your conversion feature will be enabled.

Revenue in Click-Map Reports Explained

Select a replay to view on the Insightech platform. Once inside the replay view, click Analysis → Click-Map Reports or Visual Form Analysis. From now on, conversion rates and revenue report data should be clearly displayed across the replay, within elements and on the side-bar.

Moreover, all major click-maps are now clearly highlighted in a session replay. 

Example #1 - Session Replay Highlighted Click-Map Revenue Report Data

Example #2 - Side-Bar Click-Map Revenue Report Data