Insightech offers a streamlined way of displaying data to analyse user behaviour and statistics on your company's website. The platform includes easily-accessible tools including: 

  • Visual Overlay Reports (Dynamic Content & Segments)
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Session Replay

Insightech's point and click mechanics work seamlessly with other tools like Adobe Analytics detailed segmentation and reporting as a web-analytics solution. 

Powering your Web Analytics with Session Replays

  1. Adobe Analytics is a great solution for tracking high-level user journeys and understanding the pain points within digital experiences. However, to truly understand your customer's and the problems they encounter, you would need full visibility into their journeys through your website. 

  2. Insightech’s session replay capability gives you the power to watch and learn from your customers struggle points, so that you can quickly act on actionable insights.

How Adobe Analytics Works with Session Replay 

Insightech has released a new integration to allow Adobe Analytics users to explore deeper into Adobe Analytics reports, by clicking and stepping into the shoes of their website visitors, watching session replays of their specific journeys through the website. 

Any Adobe Analytics report and segment can be expanded on, by breaking it down by the “Insightech User ID” variable to retrieve the user ID of all recorded sessions under this report and segment. Below is an example report of all the paid search visits and purchases with the Insightech User IDs.

Breaking down your reports with the Insightech User ID allows you to retrieve and watch the session replays of each of these website visitors within Insightech, taking the guesswork out of understanding how users truly navigate through your website.

Within each insightech replay, you can also quickly overlay aggregate reports to understand on-page behaviours for all of your website users. Quantifying any issue or behaviour that you find, is as simple as clicking on any piece of content or report to run a quick search.

For more information on integrating Insightech to Adobe Analytics, please get in touch with the  team at