Insightech offers simple ways to track how users engage with your website

Some actions that you might want to track: 

  • Webchat
  • Logging In
  • Product Filters
  • Top Navigation
  • Website Search
  • Product Categories
  • Promotional Banners

This article provides a guide on assessing user behaviour across your website's features and its impact on conversion rates.

Understanding Page Engagement Metrics

To quickly compare your content pages, Insightech provides brand new and accurate engagement metrics:

  • Click Rate - The percentage of your users clicking and engaging with your content

  • Medium Scroll Depth - The percentage of content that was actually seen on each page

  • Median Duration - An accurate view on time spend consuming content by users

Open up either the click map listing or scroll map listing pages, and you can sort your report by whichever metric you like.

Using Clickmaps to Understand Click Behaviours

After understanding what your users have seen, you might want to understand what content they have engaged with. Simply overlay clickmap reports on any content/replay that you'd like to understand, to see what your users are really engaging with.

Like scrolling heatmaps, these reports can be segmented to compare audiences (E.g. how click behaviours compare between converting users versus non-converting users).

More Information on Clickmap Reports here

Clickmap reports provide a visual analysis between converting and non-converting users. For example,

  • Converting clicks usually indicate purchase paths
  • High clicked non-converting content could be an indicator of key researching paths

Measuring the Impact on Conversions - Clickmap Segments

Creating segments are an easy way to sort through user data and measure the impact that certain website elements have on conversions. 

Below is a guide on how to create segments with clickmap reports:

  1. Click on Funnels View Funnel and select a funnel that you would like to track

  2. Identify the section of the funnel where there appears to be the greatest impact to conversion rates
  3. On the three dot navigation pane, select View Sessions

  4. On the Events tab, select Save as Segment to apply this later onward.

  5. Select a particular user's session replay clickmap report and choose the aspect that you would like to filter

  6. On the Events tab, select Save as Segment
    • Apply both saved segments to create a more specific filter on the funnel allowing you to quickly assess its impact on your conversion rate

Conversion Funnels

By creating segments through clickmap reports, you are able to access data on how consumers interact with various elements across your webpage. In doing so, you can apply the filters and segments generated into a conversion funnel to assess user behaviour regarding these webpage elements. 

Click here for a in-depth tutorial on creating funnels