Insightech offers a streamlined way of displaying data to analyse user behaviour and statistics of on your company's website. The platform has a range of tools that can easily be accessed for this purpose and include: 

  • Visual Overlay Reports (Dynamic Content & Segments)
  • Point and Click Analytics 
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Session Replay

This article provides an overview of each of these tools and relationship with one another

Session Replays

Insightech session replays are fully interactive and are calculated on the fly with unsampled data. It's a visual format where you can track user behaviour, user metrics and be overlaid to further analyse consumer analytics. 

  • Apply filters or segments to have session replay metrics update in real-time
  • Switch between inspect elements
  • Create segments and filters
  • Form analysis modes
  • Scrolling heatmap
  • Click-Map Reports
  • Metrics

Individual Session Replays Help

  • Sort between users who convert into active customers and those who do not
  • Find user responses to particular changes or issues with your website
  • Viewing the behaviour of users within a conversion funnel
  • Identify user behaviour across a webpage

For a more in-depth tutorial of Session Replays, please click here

Page Analysis Visual Overlay Reports

Visual Overlay Reports can be applied to individual Session Replays or a Page Analysis of your website. These reports include:

  • Inspect Element Mode
  • Visual Form Analysis
  • Scrolling Heatmaps
  • Click Map Reports

Each of these reports can provide relevant metrics and data that can be used to assess how well your website is performing and where improvements can be made.


Clicking on various components of your website can create filters that can be saved as segments to sort between users of your website in a given time-period. 

  • For example, you can sort through how many users clicked a particular button on your website. You can even find all of the individual session replays of similar users who correspond to this of this filter in real-time

Please click here for a detailed tutorial on creating segments

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is aspects of your website that change depend on what is inputted by the user. Insightech is capable of finding and analysing dynamic content across all your websites. Please click here for a tutorial on how to do so. 

With Page Analysis Visual Overlay Reports

  • Compare and contrast webpage performance using a large variety of tools that visually display metrics
  • Apply various filters to easily sort through all customers who use the website
  • Analysing user behaviour within overall customer conversion funnels
  • Highlight user behaviour across specific pages on the whole

Follow the tutorial provided here for an in-depth understanding of Page Analysis Visual Overlay Reports,

Point and Click Analytics

Insightech provides a large variety of tools and point and click analytics that when creating segments. The platform can automatically create segments and filters within Page Analysis and Session Replays.

Point and Click Analytics:

  • Provides a simple method of analysing data within Session Replays and Page Analysis
  • Determine areas in which users are dropping off in their Conversion Funnels
  • Sort out data in real-time through filters and segments

Please click here if you would like more information about this process involving segments

Dynamic Funnels

Funnels are a quick way to understand the conversion steps for a user as they enter your website until they effectively convert. Setting up funnels allow you to assess where users are getting stuck. Converting users are those who become customers or meet a desired goal on your webpage you would like to analyse. 

Point and Click Analytics:

  • Make it easier to analyse metrics and goals that you have for particular webpages
  • Allows for sorting between users who become customers and those who do not 
  • Provide the foundation of analysis for session replays and page analysis

Please click here for a detailed explanation of funnels and how to set them up on the platform.