Insightech tools and metrics provide an effective way to assess the engagement of potential customers as they use your website. Applying filters and segments appropriately can provide an understanding of what users see after abandoning your conversion funnel.

Below is a guide on the ways our platform can help in comparing content engagement and the application of segments to provide further insights into user behaviour on your site.

Comparing Content Pages

To quickly compare your content pages, Insightech provides brand new and accurate engagement metrics:

  • Click Rate - The percentage of your users clicking and engaging with your content

  • Medium Scroll Depth - The percentage of content that was actually seen on each page

  • Median Duration - An accurate view on time spend consuming content by users

Open up either the Page analysis listing pages, and you can sort your report by whichever metric you like.

Understanding User Behaviour

There are two main ways Insightech can present these metrics so you can gain a visual understanding of user behaviour as they use your website. These are: 

  • Scrolling Heatmaps
  • Clickmap Reports

After clicking View Analytics on the Page Analysis listing page, you will be redirected to a replay page, where the aforementioned reports can be accessed through the Analysis tab.

  • Additional information about Click Map Report metrics can be found here
  • Additional information about Scrolling Heatmaps can be found here

Funnel Abandonment

When there are a large proportion of users dropping-off from a conversion, it means that the funnel is being abandoned possibly due to an error or issue on your website that is preventing potential customers for proceeding. Applying a segment from the funnel session replays can highlight the area in which similar users are dropping off. From there, fixing these issues will ensure that potential customers are less likely to abandon a conversion funnel.

Below is a guide on applying an associated segment to find similar users experiencing an issue:

  1. Click on Funnels on the left hand-navigation from your dashboard.

  2. Select the appropriate funnel that you are looking to assess from the list that shows up. If you have not created a funnel yet, click here for a short guide. Ensure you have selected the appropriate dates you are look to analyse

  3. Identify the part of the funnel where the largest proportions of users are abandoning the funnel.

  4. Click on the Three-Dot symbol found on the right hand side and select View Drop Offs

  5. From here, you will be redirected to a session-replay list of all the users dropping off at this step of the funnel with the Events and Exclusions already applied.

  6. Open the Segments & Filters section at the top and select Save as Segment to be able to quickly apply these filters and analyse potential drop-offs in the future.

  7. Now, you can select a particular user session replay to view their behaviour after they abandon a funnel and assess any issues they may be facing.