The aim of this article is to show you how to analyse your website's homepage to gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour on your online website platform.

With a homepage analysis, there are most likely a set of questions that you are looking to answer that can include: 

  • Where are customers dropping off from your website?
  • Whether customers are engaging with CTMs?
  • How many people see certain aspects of your webpage?
  • General insights about customer behaviour.

Tools for a Homepage Analysis

  1. Clickmap

  2. Scrolling Heatmap

Below are a few ideas on the various ways of analysing your homepage based these aforementioned tools. 

Content Clicked Converting and Non-Converting Users 

This is mostly done by assessing the Clickmap-Links on a page analysis. Assessing the content clicked between converting and non-converting users would help indicate the purchasing path for most customers. For instance,

  • A highly clicked non-converting content area would be an indicator of key researching paths for your business

  • A rarely clicked converting content could highlight the lacklustre performance of certain products or could just be quite difficult for customers to navigate into on your website. 

Content Seen by Converting and Non-Converting Users

You would be using the Scrolling Heatmap to assess the content seen between converting and non-converting users. Doing so, helps assess what content areas of your website are a clearly visible to customers. 

  • If there is an element that has high clicks for conversions and is low on the page, you may want to move it up

  • Is key content actually being seen by people? (E.g. Business changes or notice requirements)

  • Last elements click (potential dead clicks) can assess whether anyone is clicking on images or links that do not lead anywhere, resulting in potential drop-offs

By Creating Scrolling Map Segments, you can also analyse the impression impacts of content on conversions. This can be used to assess whether customers are easily viewing content such as: 

  • Category Banners
  • Gift Voucher Sections
  • Exchanges and Returns
  • Dine & Discover Availability

For a more detailed guide on how scrolling heatmaps work, please click here.

Deeper Analysis of any Website Feature/ Content Interaction by Creating A Segment

Below are some areas you may want to dive deeper on regarding your website. These are: 

  • Site Searches
  • Top Navigation
  • Interactions with Category Filters
  • Interactions with Dine & Discover
  • Does Clicking on Certain Elements Result in a Change in User Behaviour?

To do this, you would most likely create segments and look at other Insightech reports like funnels, top pages and session replays.