The following article covers a common case where you might want to run AB testing or other 3rd party platforms that trigger Insightech to track on a page.

Instead of creating a second Insightech tag (which risks 2 tags firing at once), you can setup Google Tag Manager to make sure that Insightech Tags are only ever fired once.

Follow These Steps

  1. Open Google Tag Manager (GTM), and navigate to the tag that contains your Insightech snippet

  2. Set your GTM tag to run per page only

  3. Check that 1 Insightech tag exists in Google Tag Manager.

    Note: Instead of creating multiple tags to cover your website, you should be applying multiple rules to the single tag. Using this method we can ensure that the tag only fires once.
    For example - you might have one rule for all of the /checkouts/ pages

  4. Create one GTM rule for a dataLayer event (e.g. "trigger-Insightech"). 
  5. Setup your third-party system (e.g. optimizely) to trigger the Insightech tag in Google Tag Manager, by triggering the dataLayer. 

    Here is the code snippet to use:  dataLayer.push({event:'trigger-insightech'})

  6. Make additional GTM tag rules to cover any extra pages that you want covered by Insightech.

Once this is all setup, your GTM will be setup to ensure that Insightech does not fire more than once. This is because Google Tag Manager will not fire the Insightech tag more than once, even if multiple rules have been satisfied.

For further help

If you need further help on setting up your Insightech tag, simply email support@insightech.com or raise a ticket with our team.