DataLayers Explained

Insightech automatically tracks your data layer out of the box, unless you have defined a custom datalayer name.

For an in depth explanation of everything you need to know on how Data Layers work, and what they are used for, please read our article here

This article below will explain how to setup Insightech to track your Custom Data Layer object.

Do You Need To Set Up Custom DataLayer Tracking?

You DO NOT need to set this up if...

You use the default naming convention 'dataLayer'


You use Google Tag Manager's data layer. 

In both of these cases, Insightech automatically tracks the default data layer naming convention, out of the box for you.

You NEED to set up custom tracking if...

If you are using a custom data layer name other than 'dataLayer' (for example, 'myDataLayerObject'), you can update your Insightech platform settings to pick up your custom data layer name.

Custom Datalayer Tracking Setup

  1. Click on Settings → Tracking Code to go into the tracking code settings.

  2. Click Change Tracking Settings button

  3. Navigate to the dataLayer Object Name field.

  4. Input your custom data layer name

  5. Save your custom data layer name and Insightech will begin to capture your custom data layer.

    Note: Your dataLayer object name will be set to dataLayer by default.