Insightech is a great tool to help you quickly find and recreate customer issues from our customer support channels.

Here is a quick overview of what is in this article

  1. Where to find customer issues

  2. Understanding Insightech Search

  3. How to run your search using Search Filters

  4. Common issues and IDs, and how to search for them

  5. Quantifying Behaviours or Issues you find in Session Replays

1. Where to find customer issues

  1. Customers submit a complaint / feedback
    Website forms, web / live chat, or calling through your call centre are all ways that customers might get in touch with you. Finding and recreating the issues they mention, can be done quickly using Insightech's Free Text Search

  2. Customers don't tell you
    These are often found within an Insightech report or session replay that you are exploring. Once these are found, we can quickly quantify the issue and find similar users based on the problems experienced

2. Understanding Insightech Search

Using the Segments & Filters section above most Insightech reports, you can search for the customer support issues that you have found. 

The segments & filters section includes:

  • Top Section - Filters for who your users are, and what channels, devices, campaigns they use.

  • Middle Section - Filters to include behaviours pages our users have visited, behaviours they have taken, or content and events they have seen.

  • Bottom Section - Filters for excluding behaviours. These are for when you want to remove sessions where users have visited pages, done particular behaviours, or seen specific content.

3. How to run your search using search filters

  1. Add in the conditions you want to include in your search
    • Visited --> Page URL
    • Content Element Loaded ---> Text
    • Clicked --> element / text / link

  2. Put in any IDs, if you want to search for an individual experience
    • Cart ID / Order ID (search for content text loaded)
    • IP Address (search in session attributes)

  3. Add in any  Exclusion Rules
    • Did not visited confirmation page
    • Did not load a message, or a piece of content

  4. Click Apply to run your search, and save it as a segment (optional)

4. Common customer issues and IDs, and how to search for them

Example #1 - Finding User sessions based on a Cart ID or Order ID

To find a session based on a Cart ID or an Order ID, simply search for it under Content Element Loaded where Content Text contains the cart or Order ID you are looking for.

Example #2 - Finding Error Messages that Users have seen

Below is an example of an error message that your users might have seen. 

To find this error message, all we need to do is search for it within the content loaded. 

Alternatively - If we see this error message within a session replay and need to quantify how often it has happened, simply turn on inspect elements mode and click on the error message.

Select 'Content Loaded' from the drop down options, and click Filter List Data, and the platform will automatically search for your content.

Example #3 - Users Who Click on a link, and the expected result does not happen

In the below example, we are searching for when a user has taken an action (like a click on a link), when the expected result hasn't happened. We have put in both an inclusion rule, and an exclusion rule to do this.

The same logic can be applied to a variety of scenarios:

  • Clicks on elements, when text is not shown
  • Visits to pages, when the page content does not load
  • Form submitted, when the confirmation page is not reached

Example #4 - Finding Users based on IP address (E.g. in Zendesk)

Some website chat and external platforms capture IP address at the time a user submits feedback or a complaint. This makes it easy for us to find their particular issue in Insightech.

All we need to do is to search for their IP address, on the day that they submitted the complaint.

5. Quantifying behaviours or issues you find in session replays

When you watch session replays, you might spot a particular issue or behaviour that you want to quickly quantify. 

Insightech makes this simple by allowing you to point and click on any report to run a quick search.

How to do this

  1. Pause your session replay on the content you want to explore
  2. Click on the Analytics Panel/Tab on the right hand side of your session replay.
  3. Hover over and click on the element related to the issue you want to quantify. This can be an element that someone has clicked on, a form field someone has abandoned, or an error message shown to users.

  4. From the prompt, Select the behaviour or event you want to quantify for the element you just clicked on. 

  5. Click on Filter List Data and Insightech will automatically take you to the session replay search window, automatically populating all of the search filter rules for you.

    Here is an example of a similar user list for customers experiencing a similar issue on your webpage