With Insightech, measuring content engagement has never been more accurate. With a whole suite of brand new metrics available, you can now quickly compare and answer which of your content pages are actually being read and consumed.

Comparing Content Engagement Across Pages

To quickly compare your content pages, Insightech provides brand new and accurate engagement metrics:

  • Click Rate - The percentage of your users clicking and engaging with your content

  • Medium Scroll Depth - The percentage of content that was actually seen on each page

  • Median Duration - An accurate view on time spend consuming content by users

Open up either the click map listing or scroll map listing pages, and you can sort your report by whichever metric you like.

Scrolling Heatmaps

Scrolling heatmaps in Insightech do two things:

  1. Show you how far down each page, your audiences have seen
  2. Allow you to measure the impression impact of content seen on conversions

See what your users have seen

Overlay the Scrolling Heatmap on any content/replay that you'd like to understand, to see exactly what content has been seen or not seen.

You can also compare audiences to see how behaviours change (E.g. you might want to compare converting users vs non-converting users).

More Information on Scrolling Heatmaps here 

Analysing your website through a scrolling heatmap can result provide insights on user behaviour when they are on your webpage. For example

  • The impression impacts of content on conversions
  • Whether key content is actually being seen by your customers 
  • If an element has high clicks to conversions but is low on your webpage, you may want to move it up 

Saving Segments from a Scrolling Heatmap

You might want to save segments from your scrolling heatmap, to understand what users do after they view content across your webite.

Follow these steps

  1. Overlay the Scrolling Heatmap on the page you want to analyse or create a segment from

  2. Click the scrolling heatmap depth that you want your users to have seen, and you will see this prompt below. You will use this to automatically create a segment out of 'seen content' that your users have seen.

  3. Click on Filter List Data which will now redirect you to a replay list with individual session replays.

  4. On the Events tab, select Save as Segment
  5. Repeat this process for each piece of content that you want to compare on the page.
  6. Navigate to your funnel and apply your saved segments, and you will instantly have conversion rate impacts to compare how 'seen content' or content impressions impact your conversion rates.

Measure Impression Impacts of Content Seen by Users

Creating segments from scrolling heatmaps allow us to see what other behaviours users take when they have seen specific content on a page. 

This includes seeing whether viewed content influences conversions, and is a very effective way of quickly quantifying conversion impacts, to help inform how we optimise and merchandise content better.

When you apply your 'viewed content' segments to your conversion funnel, you will quickly see the conversion impacts from the seen content, and you will be able to accurately measure which content drives conversions.

Quickly Compare Impacts of Each Piece of Content

Add your content conversion rates into a table, and measure the uplift differences. 


Conversion Rate

Uplift %

First Fold (A-feature)



<2nd content section>



<3rd content section>



<4th content section>


(best performer)

<5th content section>



The biggest uplifts to your conversions are your best performers. You will want to also check how much these high performers are actually seen.

If a piece of content is your highest performer, but it is only seen 20% of the time, you might want to consider giving it better positioning on the page.

For further help

If you need further help on how to use Insightech for content analysis, simply email support@insightech.com or raise a ticket with our team.