Funnels are a effective way to determine the steps taking by a user once they enter your website until they convert into a customer. These 'conversion' funnels can be used to understand what causes certain users to drop off from your website. Reasons for these drop-offs could include:

  • Error Messages
  • Obtrusive Banners or Pop-Ups
  • Non-Responsive Elements like buttons

This article provides a guide on how to use funnels to quickly understand website abandonment and can be used to identify issues with your webpage.

Identifying the Causes for Drop Offs

Below is a tutorial on how to identify what is causing users to drop-off and it's impact on conversion rate: 

  1. Click on FunnelsView Funnel from the Insightech dashboard for the particular funnel you would like to track

  2. A funnel graph will appear highlighting some key statistics for a given time-period including drop-offs

  3. Determine the section of the conversion funnel where the most drop-offs occur and select View Drop Offs from the three-dot menu settings on the right-hand side.

  4. An individual session replay list will automatically appear corresponding to the drop offs

  5. Choose a particular session to be placed into a individual session replay

  6. The video bar at the bottom of the screen can now be used to track the behaviour of a user as they click through your webpage. This can be used to assess any issues they may be facing and determine ways to fix them. 
  7. Select Done to be returned back to the session replay list to analyse similar viewers

  8. Click Events → Save as Segment if you would like to save these filters as a segment to make customer drop-off comparisons:
    • Before and after changes are made to your website
    • After a particular time-period