Using funnels to create goals across your website can be helpful when you quickly want to understand interaction rates across several activities on your website.

Some example goals that you might want to setup:

  • Member Logins
  • LiveChat Starts
  • Form Submissions
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Click to call

Below is an example of how to set up a funnel to track goals related to LiveChat Starts. 

Steps to Set Up a Funnel 

  1. Navigate to Funnels → Add New Funnel from the Insightech dashboard

  2. Name the Funnel → In this case, it is 'LiveChat Starts' 
    • Input the appropriate name for each of the subsequent steps for this funnel
      • 'Website Visit'
      • 'LiveChat Start'

  3. From here, you will be asked to input a filter that corresponds to the first step for the user.

  4. This is what the associated funnel will look like:

    Here, it shows the one conversion funnel and the associated metrics and goals related to it. Clicking on each one generates a list of the session replays of the appropriate viewers for each section of the funnel.

  5. Below shows the the funnel list for this specific conversion funnel:

From here, funnels can be used to set-up and track goals across your website and assess how customers are responding to various aspects of your webpages.