Overview of your Dashboard

Your dashboard has everything you need to gain a quick overview on your website metrics.

Your dashboard should be used for giving a quick spot check on your website, or any audience that you want to understand.

It will help you quickly diagnose any audience or segment across your website, to see when certain patterns begin, or whether problems are specific to any pages, devices, channels or locations.

Using Segments & Filters

This section of your profile dashboard provides quick and easy access for you to create a segment for our website. From there, you are able to view the associated metrics and reports based on the filters applied to your website. 

Your Dashboard Metrics Explained

Underneath the Segment & Filters on your dashboard, Insightech provides the top metrics for your website. These include: 

  • Pageviews - How many times pages from your website have been loaded

  • Sessions - How many times a user has visited the website, from the first page to the last page

  • Devices - How many devices have been used to visit the website

  • Conversions - How many times users have completed your funnel journeys

Which reports are included

There are various different reports that can be found on the dashboard directly below your top metrics. The associated information is shown visually for each respective report. Below are the reports that are found on your Insightech dashboard: 

  • Traffic Trends - A graphical representation of your top trends that can be used for a comparative analysis overtime

  • Top Channels (Source/Medium) - This shows how users are gaining access to your website online, whether it be through organic Google searches or if it is direct webpage searches

  • Top Pages (Visited on the website) - This highlights what pages on your website that users are navigating to the most. It can be used to assess how clearly information is displayed or found on your website

  • Top OS - This displays which operating systems the user was running when entering your website.

  • Top Browsers -This showcases what browser a user operated when entering your website

  • Countries - This shows a map that highlights what proportion of users are from which countries