User privacy is taken very seriously at Insightech. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is any information about a person that makes them specifically identifiable. These include: 

  • Financial Information
  • Medical Records
  • Driver's License 
  • Full Name

To ensure the privacy of customers who use your website and can be analysed using the Insightech platform, Insightech conducts a PII Review before you can proceed with using the platform freely. 

Insightech representatives are more than willing to help train your team at masking and whitelisting sensitive information during an onboarding session. 

  • To book an onboard training session with Insightech, please click here.
  • For a refresher on how to mask and whitelist content through the Insightech platform, follow the link here

Below is a guide for creating test accounts and links to book review sessions with Insightech

What We Do

Insightech will provide support when conducting PII reviews and masking sensitive user information. We will help with: 

  • Guiding you through the PII review process
  • Providing appropriate dummy data that can be included for the review
  • Ensuring content masking is appropriate across your website

Provide Test Accounts for PII Review

At the initial onboarding session, Insightech representative would have shown you how to create these test accounts to send for a PII Review. Below is a refresher on how to do so: 

  1. Click on your Profile on the top-right hand corner of your dashboard.

  2. Select the Add Account button. This can only be done by those with administrator access on the platform.

  3. Input Dummy Customer Login Details that allow us to login and see what it would look like if we were a customer. Your developer team should be able to do this easily.

The alternative method would be providing Insightech a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment to explore like a live website, This would allow us to put orders in without actually placing an order. 

Click here if you would like to contact Insightech for support if you have any additional problems with this.