Insightech provides a funnel analysis to provide users a way to track various data metrics. There are two types of funnel pages: 

  1. A high-level analysis used to compare conversion rates across segments, and multiple funnels at one time

  2. An in-depth breakdown that's used in more depth, and look specifically where users are dropping off. 

Please Note: Both pages are capable of having filters and segments applied to one another to compare user statistics across different audiences, campaigns or AB tests. 

At Insightech, you can have up to ten funnels and up to ten steps in each respective funnel.

Setting up a Funnel

Below are the steps required to create a funnel: 

  1. Navigate to Funnels → Create New Funnel in your account menu

  2. Click Create New Funnel to bring up the funnel builder

  3. Name your Funnel funnel and Funnel steps
    • Input the appropriate name for each of the subsequent steps for this funnel

  4. Input conditions for each of your funnel steps
    • Various drop-down menus will appear to further specify the type of behaviour conditions you want at each step. 

      Please note: Funnel steps can be setup retroactively, meaning that you can setup funnels on historical data and they will update accurately.

  5. Add in steps and conditions for all steps down to your funnel conversion point.

    Note: Each account is limited to 10 funnels, and 10 steps per funnel

  6. Click Save Changes to save your funnel

    Insightech will now generate the metrics associated with the funnel for a specified time period. 
    • To access your funnels, click on the Funnels tab and choose the funnel that you are looking to track. 

Please click here for additional information on Dynamic Funnels.