Welcome to Insightech. By now, Insightech representatives would have reached out and set-up your account. Please click here in order to contact us if this has not occurred yet.

Complete this Checklist to Get Started

There are five main requirements that need to be met when you are first using the Insightech Platform. These are:

Below are short guides so that you can keep track of what needs to be done.

1) Account Set up and Management

Insightech is more than willing to help out as you set up your account with our platform.

click the link here to get in contact with us. Do not hesitate in reaching out if you have any specific issues.

2) PII Reviews and Privacy

At Insightech, we take user privacy is important. Insightech conducts a PII (Personal Identification Information) Review for all Insightech users to ensure sensitive information about customers are masked. 


At your training session, Insightech representatives will show you how to do this. Below are links to guides on content privacy management:

  • Please click here for the steps for completing a PII review at Insightech

  • Please click here for a tutorial on masking/whitelisting content

3) Implementing your Tracking Code

To get data streaming into your Insightech account, you need to implement your tracking code. Below are the steps on how to do so. 


  1. Navigate to the tracking code settings, found under Settings → Tracking Code. This page will show your implementation code along with Tracking Settings.

  2. Choose how you would like to implement your code into your website. This can be:
    • Directly on the page
    • Through a tag manager.
  3. Copy and paste your code when instructed to do so. Once done, your platform will begin collecting data.


Click here for a more in-depth tutorial. 

4) Adding your First Users

To be able to use Insightech with your wider team you would need to add them as users onto your platform. Below are the steps to do so:

  1. Find the User Management Settings under Settings → Users to see a list of the current users.

  2. Click Add User and input the user details to be added

  3. Select the user access level:
    • Viewer:  All reporting access, with restricted settings to admin Settings
    • Admin: All reporting access and complete access to all Settings

  4. Navigate back to the user's list where your permissions have now been updated

Click here for a more in-depth tutorial

5) Book an On-Boarding Session


Insightech offers a support services centred around ensuring you are able to use the platform quickly and easily. Send us an email at support@insightech.com