Below shows how to add team members into your account. The teams that you would want to include depend on your business and insights you are looking to gain from Insightech. 

Who you might consider adding include: 

  • Ecommerce, digital product or optimisation teams
  • Reporting, analytics, and data science teams
  • Customer support teams
  • IT or developer teams
  • CRM teams

Ensure that a team is selected for the onboarding with Insightech. 

Understanding Roles & Permissions 

You can assign roles to your team members you invited Insightech depending on the actions they will take inside the platform. 


Users with an admin role have access all the reports, segments they have created public segments, rights to manage funnels, user accesses, profile setup and custom PII masking.  


Viewers can access all the reports, segments they have created and public segments that have been created. They will not have access to change the underlying profile settings.

Remove Access
Submitting a request for a selected user by choosing this role will remove them from the profile.

Adding New Users

1. Go into Settings → Users to see a list of your current users

2. Click Add User and input the user's details to be added

3. Select user access level: 

  • Viewer: All reporting access, with restricted access to admin settings
  • Admin: All reporting access and complete access to all settings

4. Click Grant Access to finalise the addition of any new users

5. Navigate back to the user's list where your permissions have now been updated

Changing User Roles & Removing Users

1. Go into Settings → Users to see a list of your current users

2. Click Edit User for the user's access that you want to update or remove

3. Choose which role you'd like to assign by: 

  • Deciding the appropriate access level you want to update from the dropdown menu: 
    • Admin
    • Viewer

  • Picking Remove User Access to remove a user. This will be immediately applied. 

4. Press Update Access to confirm your selection